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Hotel, a traveling “home”!

How should we define hotel space? Professional interpretation may beinsufficient. We are trying to use our sensitive conception to understandand interpret each hotel. Based on this, we aim to create aesthetic valuefor each hotel and make it your traveling “home”.

Hotel is a special home . People from around the world come andleave. They bring different cultures and share their cultures with others.Eventually, hotel becomes a culture, i.e., lenience and diversity. Foroutsiders, hotel may present them with local features. For local people,hotel becomes a place for them to share exotic cultures. Therefore, asuccessful hotel has unique features instead of fixed mode. Hotels haveno seasons because every day means a different season.

The design essence explaining “humanity”!

Fulilai considers any design idea and style is closely relating to the principle of“humanism”,and either perception or rationality is attached with perceptualunderstanding to “human” • While positioning design style according to designreference factors “region, human, function and investment budget”,Fulilaiconsiders humanistic design factor more and evolves the hotel space into the idealhumanistic space. If it is said that regional culture, functional characteristics andmarket demand are the largest media for seeking for design personality of hotel,humanism is the key successful factor for creating a “comfortable, satisfied andelegant” hotel. What we do is for “human” and allows people to enjoy theenvironment more comfortably.

Design thought initiating “personality”!

While international economic structure is being optimized and tour industry isbeing upgraded, people’ s demand to hotel is not just luxury. Simplicity, fashionand difference are the actual demand of customers and high-quality business andtour people also accept them gradually.

The design style of so many domestic hotels is nearly same, for example, theyare very similar in hotel planning, architectural design, functional layout, indoorstyle, material and guest room layout, lack of design originality. Therefore, hotelsare lack of competition strength in business operation and people have aestheticfatigue to them.

In the special space of hotel, customers want to obtain basic functional demand andspiritual pleasure. Therefore, hotel design shall refuse imitation at the beginning.It shall create its own feature and image according to the actual situation. Thedesign team of Fulilai will assist the client in market analysis and positioning, andthen cooperate with professional hotel design companies to set up the uniqueimage and reasonable functions of the hotel, provide complete design program forfurniture and fixtures in the hotel, so as to create an outstanding hotel.



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